‘Mrs Tall Small and the Day of the Crystal Raindrops’

Mrs Tall Small lives in Fizzy Wizzy land with her best friend Fairy Flutter. They spend their time saving fairies and elves from the wicked antics of Evil Witch Green.

This is the first book in the Mrs Tall Small series. In ‘The Day of the Crystal Raindrops’ Mrs Tall Small is busy feeding Rupert her pet giraffe and becomes concerned that she has not seen her best friend Fairy Flutter.

A visit to Fairy Flutter’s cottage leads Mrs Tall Small, Fairy Flutter and their friends on a daring rescue mission to find Violette who has been captured by Evil Witch Green.

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Excerpt from this book, “Once upon a time there was a kind lady called Mrs Tall Small.   She lived in Fizzy Wizzy Land with pixies and fairies for neighbours.  She had a daughter called Lilly and a best friend called Fairy Flutter.

When she was born, the good fairy Octavia gave Mrs Tall Small magic powers to make herself as tall or small as she wanted to be.  Mrs Tall small is able to make herself as small as an ant or as big as the tallest giant.

Mrs Tall Small was always good to her friends and spent her time rescuing them and the residents of Fizzy Wizzy land from evil Witch Green. Evil Witch Green lived in a castle in Zenobia. She had her own personal army called the Fang Frogs.
A long time ago the Fang Frogs had been good creatures, until one day Witch Green stumbled upon them playing in their murky pond, a place which they loved very much. She decided to make them her minions by sprinkling them with green dust.
Crystal rain drops had been falling all morning in Fizzy Wizzy land and Mrs Tall Small was wondering if they were ever going to stop. She wanted to go for a walk and visit her good friend Fairy Flutter. She had not seen Fairy Flutter for several days and she was worried about her.


‘Mrs Tall Small Rescues Father Christmas’

Mrs Tall Small, Fairy Flutter, Captain Cornelius and the Miss Muddles join Mrs Tall Small on a daring rescue mission to help Father Christmas.

Evil Witch Green and the Fang Frogs have raided the North Pole and stolen all the children’s Christmas presents from Father Christmas.

Mrs Tall Small has just 24 hours to try and save the world’s Christmas presents. Can she succeed?

Join Mrs Tall Small and her friends on this wonderful adventure to find out.  This book is available in iTunes, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other e book distributors.

Excerpt from book, “It was a happy time in Fizzy Wizzy Land. Only one day to go until Christmas Eve and everyone was very excited.
The children could not wait for Father Christmas who would be arriving very soon. Snow had been falling for several days and the town square was covered in a blanket of snow, which glimmered in the sunshine. From the trees icicles glistened and Fizzy Wizzy land seemed more magical than ever before.
Mrs Tall Small was busy in her cottage wrapping the last of her Christmas gifts. She had thought very hard about her presents. She had invented a magic cloth for the Miss Muddles. It would help do most of their housework for them which would leave them free to battle in the crusades.
For Fairy Flutter, Mrs Tall Small had found a very old book on magical spells which she thought would be of great help to Fairy Flutter with her magic. Fairy Flutter’s spells could occasionally go wrong!”

Mrs Tall Small And The Ice Queen’s Ball

The residents of Fizzy Wizzy Land are jumping with excitement about the Ice Queen’s Ball, which is being held in her magnificent ice palace on Blue Ice Island. However, things do not go according to plan and Mrs Tall Small starts a daring rescue mission with the help of the Ice People of Medena and Wizard Augustus. Meet dragon tamers Flo and Katie Muddle, Price Odine amongst others.

This book is available at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other e book distributors.


Excerpt from book    “Chapter 1 The Amazing Miss Muddles and the School of Dragons

Mrs Tall Small was out walking Rupert, her pet Giraffe, when she noticed lots of excited voices coming from Butterfly Lodge. Butterfly Lodge was the exceptionally beautiful home of the Muddle Sisters – Flo and Katie Muddle. Everyone adored the Miss Muddles, as they were affectionately known. They were very sweet elderly ladies who were also incredibly brave and strong. Flo Muddle had spent her youth training at the Dragon Academy and had gone onto dedicate her life as a successful dragon tamer. Flo was always called upon whenever a bad dragon was terrorising the folk of Fizzy Wizzy Land and the surrounding mystical countries. Flo was always kind though, she never slayed the dragons, instead she put them into a dragon school, which she had created. Most of them lived good and happy lives after that, with the exception of a few, but their stories are very bad and I will tell you about these another time. Flo’s niece Poppy had now taken over the dragon school and it was running very successfully. Katie Muddle was very wise. She had spent her life acting as an advisor to the Kings and Queens of the Far Away Lands. Katie had also gone into battle with them when they had needed to protect their lands from invaders. Katie had long flowing purple hair and she always rode her silver unicorn when she went into battle. It is said that the Muddle Sisters were given Butterfly Lodge by the King and Queen of Zenobia for being so brave in the battle of Casparia. Katie had fought valiantly until the end, whilst Flo unleashed an army of dragons who flew above the enemy and dropped bombs of petunia powder over them. This totally defeated the enemy and ended the battle. Butterfly Lodge was very special. The most magnificent butterflies surrounded it every day of the year, even in autumn and winter. In spring there were yellow and white butterflies, summer brought pink and purple ones and in autumn and winter you could see gold and silver butterflies with sparkling jewels that glistened in the winter sun. More excited squeaks and squeals came from inside Butterfly Lodge. Rupert pulled towards the lodge and Mrs Tall Small decided she would go and see what was happening with the Miss Muddles.”